Aviation Maintenance Consulting


Jet Aircraft Management (JAM) specializes in technical support for aircraft brokers, management companies, owners and operators by offering a suite of services focused on safety and preserving the value of your aircraft.  With over thirty years in the aircraft maintenance and maintenance management business, JAM has experience working with brokers, management companies, service facilities, and manufacturers to advocate for your interests.


Flexibility is an advantage we can offer whether you desire a complete management contract or oversight for a single maintenance event.  All of our services provide uncompromised attention to detail and full compliance with applicable FAR’s.


Since maintenance is one of the largest controllable expenses in the operation of an aircraft it pays to use your limited dollars wisely.  

Maintenance Oversight: We can organize your upcoming maintenance event, get a quote, schedule it, oversee the work onsite, and QA the work as it's being completed.  We'll review and justify the invoice, validate the log book signoffs, then update your tracking program.  Typically extended maintenance events are a good time for crew training and type rating achievement.

Maintenance Management: We can work with you on a periodic basis to assist in planning and organizing maintenance and records.  With projections out twelve and twenty-four months, the scheduled maintenance budget will be easily predictable.  We’ll be on-call for unscheduled – breakdowns – and arrange for repairs immediately or have maintenance professionals standing by at your next stop.

Prepurchase/Presale: We can represent you on the purchase or sale of your aircraft during the technical appraisal process to protect your financial interests at this critical time.

Completions: We provide on-site project management for new aircraft completion of cabin, cockpit, avionics, and paint.  This is another time when crew training and type rating attainment can be scheduled to optimize your downtime.

Conformity Inspections: Jet Aircraft Management can inspect your aircraft for conformity to its Type design and configure it to an FAR part 91 arrangement.  For FAR part 135 requirements, JAM will organize the data in a format acceptable to the FAA in preporation for inclusion of your aircraft onto your charter certificate.


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